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During his tenure in the Indian Army Medical Corps and  Army Dental Corps, he has trained many Jawans and JCO's to the finest level. His expertise includes explaining with simplicity and make the participants feel successful by understanding.

He is also a Certified Trainer trained by Blair Singer of the Rich Dad Advisors USA. He has also completed his Marketing Management course from IIM Bangalore.

His favourite course is Dental Assistant Training Program

Many clinics are suffering from a Staff crisis causing huge time loss and money loss. When untrained assistants are there they tend to lose patients via phone and waste materials chairside. Also since he has worked in the highest disciplined force many dentists have requested Major Dr. Pravin to train their staff. But after Covid-19 training has become mandatory for all of us in the Dental Team. So he developed this course for Doctors to train their staffs with his simplified down to earth practical explanations.

Special features of Dental Assistant Training Program
  • It's not a course its an University

    Name any topic in Dentistry,we have it for your staffs . Be it what is dentistry ? to Speciality subjects like Dental implants complete dentistry is covered A-Z in more than 500 videos.
  • Total Clinical Demo videos

    All videos are completely clinical and simple to understand.We have Table top demo of all instruments topic wise.Both the Theoretical part and the practical part are covered extensively.
  • 100% Profits & 100% motivated staffs
    The more you Sweat in Training the less you bleed in war. Yes, you would make better Profits, savings, and Patient Satisfaction if you have trained staff. I hope you would agree with that.

   Train your staff at the Price of a coffee. Make your clinic system dependent and not staff dependent. Can't believe? see below!!


Dental assistant + Reception training Bundle 

One year cost = Rs 18000 for 365 days   =  49 Rs per day 

for  your whole clinic team.

If you say, you have  3 staff then 49 / 3 = 16 Rs per day for one staff and so on.

yes, it is highly affordable for you. Just think! training at the price of a coffee.


The Best Part of this course is the unique blend of both Dental and Administrative topics covered extensively by Major Dr Pravin In Tamil. Your clinic would be the best in the locality by it's training standards only.The staffs should be as good and motivated as the doctor.

"If you have staff issues then buy it! your staff won't leave you after attending this course ! "

  • In India, the Dental Assistant Industry is highly unorganized which means there are no proper Government approved courses to help them take dental assistantship as a career. As a result, the staff don't take this job seriously.
  • But this course would give your Dental assistants, Receptionists, Managers a 100% Career orientation towards Dentistry because they would get a feeling that they are attending a college lecture and also would appreciate that you are caring for their career.
  • They would feel confident to learn from the Mentor than from their friends, seniors, or colleagues who won't teach them because of their Job insecurity or egocentric approach.
  • Most clinics have untrained staff an 8th,10th or 12th pass / fail or a college drop out. So they won't be very serious in their life because of their lack of basic education and attitude. But this course would make them realize that the job they are doing is serious because of the training they are receiving.
  • This Course would give you more than 100% money returns by productivity, positivity, and cost-cutting initiatives by your staff through internal knowledge and motivation.
  • You can use this course as many times as possible for all the Dental Staff who will be coming and joining your clinic in the future also. Its a must to have the weapon in your arsenal.





     Course training video Preview

Where your hard-earned money goes if the staff is not trained?

  • Receptionist Missing Valuable Business Calls from patients

    If your receptionist is not trained to pick up the call in three rings patients might go elsewhere. 

    It takes months to earn a customer but seconds to lose one - Vince Lombardi

  • Increased Fixed costs causing Profit loss

    If your staffs are not trained to understand that by not switching off the compressor,tubelights and fans they are increasing the fixed costs and causes the profits to be shrinking for you.

  • Increased Variable costs causing Profit loss

    Staffs would cause reduce profit by increasing the variable costs in the following

    • wasting and tearing gloves and Masks
    • Impression Materials like alginate and putty.
    • Dental cement while mixing
    • Breakage of materials 
    • Non-maintainance of electrical and electronics
  • More staffs and understaffing can cause loss

    More Staffsfewer staffs
    1.fewer profits by reducing the Gross Profits
    2.More confusion  among staffs in responsibilities
    3.Need proper supervision of work and system dependency is must
    1.No growth, you would be a small player 
    2. More work for staff and chances of fatigue and stress is high.
    3. Need to self-responsible and doctors would be staff dependent.

"Enroll your clinic for free! and ask your staff for the purchase decision after watching the free videos. They would tell you"







Frequently asked questions
  • Where is Malligai Dental Academy ?

    Malligai dental academy is located in Chennai. It was started by Major Dr. Pravin Prathip J an Ex Indian Army Dental Corps officer in 2013. Over the last 7 years, we have trained 1000's of Dentists for Endo, Ortho, Implants, and Dental Practice management.

  • What is Dental Shiksha ?

    Dental Shiksha is the online platform of Malligai dental Academy to teach dental courses online both for dentists and dental teams like dental assistants, receptionists, etc.

  • What is mean by course?

    Any topic in a particular dental subject is called a course for example Implant course means it would be covering one particular topic like Implant Prosthetics. It also can be combined with other topics as separate courses and are called bundles. A group of courses is called a Bundle. However, if you want to try it free! you can see free topics and then purchase risk-free.

  • What is mean by a bundle ?

    A bundle is multiple courses bundled into it. We have three bundles. BASIC, CLASSIC & PREMIUM. It is worth buying as a bundle. The cost of each course separately would be higher than the combined total cost of all courses in a bundle. However, if you want to try it free! you can see free topics and then purchase risk-free.

  • Are there any free courses inside ?

    yes, all the courses have trial videos that are free to watch, you can see the lesson topics which are covered inside. However, there are many free courses also which are free to watch and learn. To learn more or watch free videos you can subscribe to our youtube channel.

  • How to make payment for the courses ?

    Every course and bundles have payment gateways where you can pay by debit card,creditcard,UPI,Google pay etc.,

  • How are the fees charged ?

    We are charging fees in Indian rupees only. course bundle fees is generally calculated as subscription-based 3,6,12 month period( would be lesser in price) recommended for continuous learning )Individual courses are however can be purchased as separate course payments according to the time limit based upon the offers. It varies from course to course.

  • Is there any EMI?

    Generally, we don't provide EMI. We have an only free trial and quarterly,6 monthly, or yearly payment. For bigger courses with bigger fees, you can pay by credit card and apply EMI from your bank.

  • Is there any certification for our courses?

    yes we provide certification for each registered participant. However for group certification please contact the administrator. Only after course completion, it would be provided. It is a manual process you need to contact us for the certification. Course tests should be completed and evaluation is mandatory for the certification.

  • Do you have only online courses or offline courses also ?

    We have many offline courses for endo, ortho, implants, and prosthetics.We provide patient training for all the courses. for more details please call 9176138205


Dr Ebenezer


Really thankful

Really thankful for the wonderful word of thoughts, motivation, learning & education to Dental professionals by Major Dr. Pravin Prathip.I was a friend of him in Face book &one fine day I had an opportunity to get in touch with him.I thank the almighty God and I would consider as a divine intervention in connecting with him. His knowledge is immense academically &clinically. The way he explains and teaches everyone irrespective of age is highly appreciated &thank him &wish him to reach more Dentists and attain more laurels &applauds&service to the whole society with more blessings from the Almighty God.

Dr Kiran Raju MDS (ortho)


Extremely happy

I came to know about Dr. Pravin sir when I am scrolling through Facebook. Then slowly I watched a few videos on YouTube and found it interesting and then approached sir. Sir has sent me his educational videos where I came to know lots of tips in dentistry and patient management which I don’t know before. From the next day itself, I started applying one by one and found lots of differences. The most important thing I learned from sir his self-confidence and motivation. He is one of the finest people I have met and a game-changer for dentistry.

Dr Khalid Ghiaz


Awesome feeling

I attended the 2 days workshop on dental practice management. I assure you there is something unique here. Something every dentist must learn once in a lifetime. I learned a lot and especially I thoroughly enjoyed the entire event. My sincere thanks to Major. Dr. Pravin sir.

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